Monday, June 6, 2016

Poise Bladder Control Underware

I was sent samples of two different Poise Underware. The first sample was their briefs in XL. The second was a sample of their activewear briefs. They fit great on my body. There were no lines under my clothes. They held the urine well. I did not feel like I was wearing diapers.

3rd PinchMe Box

1) Purina Dog Chow Natural Chicken
2) ZzzQuil Sleep Aid
3) Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dressing Ranch Flavor

Propeller Asthma Control Sensor

I have been sent a Propeller Asthma Control Sensor to try for free. I have attached it to my ventolin inhaler. The sensor pairs with an app on my smartphone.

The sensor has 4 key jobs as explained in the manual.
1)Reminds myself to take my medication.
2)Shows trends about when I use my inhaler.
3) Alerts me if I am getting worse.
4) Helps me talk to my doctor about my symptoms.

I have always wanted better control of my asthma. I am glad to be part of this study.