Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2nd Pinch Me Box

My monthly Pinchme sample box came. Mr. Bubble 3 in 1 with coupon. Full sized Zzquil sleep aid with coupon. Skinfix lotion with Target coupon. Luzianne pour and stir ice tea sample 1/2 gallon. 2 size 4 well begings diapers with coupon. $100 wine voucher off a case of wine= 12 bottles for $60.

LaysDo Us A Flavor New York Reuben

 I look forward to these chips every summer. This chip has a real great taste. Smells just like a New York Deli. Tastes just like an authentic Reuben, Not too heavy on the pickle, and the sauerkraut. The texture is spot on. The chip felt baked instead of fried. Very little grease. I give these a 5 out of 5.

Mandatory Cookie Notice

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